Chute !

Matthieu Gary et Sidney Pin


– March 2016 –


© Vasil Tasevski

Attempting a spectacular dialogue, two acrobats of the same size, weight, and age formulate interrogations:

What does the acrobat tell us? What can he teach us?

What does an acrobat tell us as he falls? How is he prepared to withstand gravity?

As he leaps through the air, does the acrobat dream of flying or falling?

What sort of relationship does he have with death?

With life? With risk-taking?

With fear of heights?


Writers and performers: Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin

Artistic insight: Marc Vittecoq

Lighting design: Clément Bonin

Office Management: Valéria Vukadin

Production: Porte 27

Touring Management: Clémence Mugard – L’Avant Courrier

Acknowledgements: Thomas Laigle, Pauline Dau, Lawrence Williams, Fanny Sintès, Suzanne Sebö and Marion Collé

Partners & Co-producers

Production Porte27

Co-producers: Le Théâtre de la Madeleine – Scène conventionnée de Troyes, l’Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette)

 Support: Le Nouveau Relax – Scène conventionnée de Chaumont, Balthazar – Centre des arts du cirque de Montpellier, Le Manège de Reims – Scène nationale, Le Monfort – Paris, Cirque en Scène – Centre des arts du cirque de Niort, L’Echalier -Agence rurale de développement culturel de Saint Agil, Cirk’Eole – Montigny les Metz

Basic facts

March 2016

Tribune seating on four sides, 170 people
52 min – from 8 years on

Ground acrobatics, Acro balancing.

Clémence Mugard
+33 6 15 40 04 82