Grief journal
Pauline Dau


– Winter 2025 –


An intimate, political and humourous circus production with three performers

Grief journal

Each day is like a little death
I’m losing my body
Day after day, I’m losing my acrobatic body
One day, I lost a figure
And the day after, I lost my father,
And then, I lost Corsica,
And then, I lost my connection to this land,
And to my forebears too?


An immersive performance

The spectators are invited as family guests, feeling like home! They will be at times witnesses and at times taken to task. We’ll start all over again. This is the story of a woman observing. Witnessing how affected she is by  the death of her father. “I lost my Corsican identity when he died. Does this mean I don’t really belong to my family anymore? What did he pass on to me and what did he impose on me?”

Circus with a sense of closeness 

Hula hoop, roller skating and acrobatic feats are performed very close to a moving audience, the spectators are being invited to enter an intimate sphere, attend a delicate and poetic performance created just for them.

Giving them the feeling of something unique, catching things invisible to other people. 

The circus feat is displayed, taking on its full meaning in such an intimate atmosphere.

 “Offering the spectators biscuits specially made for them, perched on rollerblades, making sure not to push nor step on their toes”, this is a playful and daily performance that carries the message.


Written by: Pauline Dau

With: Eva Ordonez and Pauline Dau

Pianist: Roland Catella 



Playwriting: Maud Chapoutier

Lighting design: Flore Marvaud 

Music: Roland Catella 

Set design: in progress

Actors’coaching: in progress

Partners & Co-producers

In progress

Co-producers : Cirk’Eole, Montigny-les-Metz (57)

Basic facts

Premiering Autumn 25

3 performers on stage / 5 people on tour, Indoor venue or site-specific location equipped with a stage
60 min – 200 people

For all audiences

Acrobatics, Hula-Hoop, Roller skating, acting, singing, comedy

Clémence Mugard
+33 6 15 40 04 82