Les Petits Bonnets

Cirque du Docteur Paradi

Pascaline Herveet


– June 2019 –


© Gilles Dantzer

L’Amazone (Amazon), Bouche Cousue (Tight-lipped) and la Joconde (Mona Lisa) revolt after the announcement of a redundancy plan. They tell about their body, their work, love, loneliness, and power-based relationships.

Les Petits Bonnets is a circus fiction, a poetic and powerful story based on actual events. A mise en abyme of the chronicle of a workers’ revolt grappling with the media co-opting their fight.

An intimate and striking opera featuring the band Les Elles who chant their physical performance on-stage.


Karine Gonzalez –flamenco dance

Pauline Dau – Hula hoop, aerial rope

Louisa Wruck – tightrope

Pascaline Herveet – singing, drama

Les Elles, Sophie Henry et Elodie Fourré – music

Arnaud Landoin –whips, roller-dance

Flore Marvaud – light creation

Bertrand Deguillaume – light engineer

Laurent Beaujour or Clément Legendre – Sound engineer

Marie Letellier – chorégraphy

Cédric Avrand – scenery

Pascaline Herveet – writing, with the help of Marion Guyez for directing

Partners & Co-productions

Le Plongeoir – Cité du Cirque, Pôle Cirque Le Mans (72); Superforma et le Silo, Le Mans (72); Théâtre de l’Éphémère, le Mans (72) ; Le Jardin de Verre, Cholet (49) ; La Grainerie, Toulouse (31); Latitude 50, Marchin, (Belgique) ; Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Archaos, Marseille (13) ; Espace Senghor, Le May sur Evre (49); Le 37ème parallèle, Tours (37) ; Quai des Chaps, Nantes (44) ; Bibliothèque Armand Gatti, la Seyne sur Mer (83) ; Spedidam ; Région Pays de la Loire ; DRAC Pays de la Loire

The company is supported by French Ministry of Culture, Région Pays de la Loire, Département du Maine-et-Loire and Cholet municipality.

Basic facts

June 2019

Semi-circular staging under big top or proscenium stage indoor, 280 people under the tent, 600 in theater
80 min – From 12 years on

Tightrope, acrobatics, hula-hoop, singing, drama, live music, rope, whips, roller-dance, Flamenco.

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