Ciné Circo

Circo Hechizo Tomas Kaulen


– March 2021 –


© Bastián Yurisch Cancino

Cine Circo challenges the memory of a digitalising world, reviving the historical analogies between circus and film through Liberto an eccentric character, now an usher, then a popcorn seller and a projectionist, slightly disorganized, and Estrella his mite clumsy assistant.Circo Hechizo rejuvenates the early stage of cinema, refering to emblematic film directors who have common forebears with clowns (Chaplin, Keaton…).


Cine Circo is a multiple-sections project:
-> the show
-> workshops: including a workshop “creating on Celluloid”
-> cinema: a screening time, within the set space turned into a touring cinema, to be scheduled in close relationship with the area or the organiser of the event
-> news / advertisement: a participative audiovisual creation included in the show and renewed for each new location.


Director: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres

Dramatrugy: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres and Tomás Kaulen Díaz

Performers: Gloria Allendes Cortés and Tomás Kaulen Díaz

Light: Gloria Allendes Cortés.

Music: Jorge Martínez Flores

Costume design: Daniela Dana Saavedra

Set design: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres.

Light, vidéo and Sound manager: Gloria Allendes Cortés.

Building Chile: Taller el Litre, Circo Hechizo

Building France: Monstr – Fabien Leduc

Production, touring and office management Chile: Tomás Kaulen Diaz

Production, touring and office management France: L’Avant Courrier / Nolwenn Manac’h, Emmanuelle

Partners & Co-producers

Production: Circo Hechizo / l’Avant Courrier

Fundings: Ministerio de las Culturas ; las Artes y el Patrimonio – Convocatoria Fondart 2019 (Chile), La Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie (France)
: Cinémathèque nationale du Chili, Taller El Litre-Valparaiso; Centro de las Artes aérias Chile,  Communauté de communes d’Avranches, Commune d’Issigny le Buat

Basic facts

March 2021

Indoor proscenium stage/ on-site/ yurt – small big top, 80 people.
45 min – From 5 years on

Juggling, manipulation of objects, screening.

Nolwenn Manac’h
+33 6 76 78 01 19