Artists : Elice Abonce Muhonen, création collective
Other shows : Attraction Capillaire, Capilotractées, Mad In Finland

"Change is in the air! The wheel of fortune turns at last. Take stock of the situation, look back on your life before delving into a new search, a new path. Expect innovation, revolution. Stop coasting along and take the wheel of your life! Calm and patience are a necessity." Les secrets du Tarot, la Roue de Fortune (Tarot secrets, Wheel of fortune)

With its almighty size and hypnotic rotating movement, the wheel of death is emblematic of traditional circus. Wishing to generate emotions other than dread and awe, we have designed a small wheel of death which potential is much bigger.
Designed for public spaces, the wheel provides a frame to view the landscape, provoking its own optical illusion in a scenary which is renewed each time.

A series of scenes unfold before the spectators, emphasising our deeds as well as the environment in which the show takes place. The metaphor of the passing of time is naturally very present.
This performance is part of a diptych: La Roue de l’Infortune (wheel of misfortune), on land (premiere 2021); and La Roue de l’Armor (wheel of Armor), at sea (premiere 2022). Using the same apparatus as a starting point, each performance is designed for one specific landscape and both are the result of distinct creative methods.

Authors and performers : Elice Abonce Muhonen, Hannu Abonce Muhonen, Sylvain Briani, Mirja Jauhiainen and Odilon Pindat.
Artistic and production team (in progress)
Office management : Yvain Lemattre & Camille Rondeau
Touring management : l'Avant Courrier - Louise-Michèle You
Production : Galapiat Cirque

Supports : L’Institut Français – convention région Bretagne
Co-production : La Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie –Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf- la Brêche; Le Carré magique -Pôle national des arts du cirque en Bretagne.

Currently looking for partners and in-residencies

Creation :  2021
Duration : 60 min
Skills : Acrobatics
Seating capacity : depending on the location
Audiences : to be confirmed
Touring specificities : Outdoor, on land (Roue de l’infortune) or at sea (la Roue de l’Armor)

Louise-Michèle YOU
+ 33 6 17 16 17 40

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