Artists : Sanja Kosonen
Other shows : Attraction Capillaire, Capilotractées, Mad In Finland

"There, the forest is soothing and reassuring. There on the moss, I indulge myself and let nature engulf me, support and listen to me. There, I weep."

"One by one, the characters appear on stage for an act of redemption. Their bodies are their expression, their breath, their voice and their movements. Crying is purifying oneself, taking one’s mask off, denuding oneself. "

In 2007, in Finland, Sanja Kosonen participated in a workshop on "crying chants" in Finland, organised by a group of contemporary singers whose aim is to revive and reinvent the forgotten tradition of Karelian mourners. They practised these improvised chants on their own, in the forest or during rites of passage. The poetical power of words associated with a distinctive rhythm and a crying melody provided an atmosphere for abandonment.
Since then, Sanja has integrated to some degree this ancient wisdom.

She is struck by the fact that our "modern" societies seem to have forgotten about rituals of shared emotions or to consider those as a sign of weakness. The concept of crying guides her as much towards the river deep inside the human being as it evokes the absurdity and akwardness demonstrated when dealing with private emotions.

She imagines a multidisciplinary performance, a combination of dancing, singing, circus and fine arts.

Director : Sanja Kosonen
Performers : Nedjma Benchaib, Jeremie Bruyere, Muriel Carpentier, Sanja Kosonen, Sampo Kurppa, Inka Pehkonen, Olli Vuorinen .
Costume designer :  Mickaël Lecoq
Stage manager : Jeremie Bruyere
Set designer : Muriel Carpentier
Set building : Jeremie Bruyere and Muriel, Alice and Michel Carpentier
Light designer : Julien Poupon
Sound designer : Sami Tammela
Assistant Director : Marilou Thomas

Production / Touring : l’Avant Courrier – Nolwenn Manac’h
Office Management : l’Avant Courrier – Louise-Michèle You

In-residencies : Cirko - Center for New Circus - Helsinki Finland; Ay Roop – Laboratoire permanent pour les arts du cirque; La Grainerie Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance; La Cité du Cirque for Pole Régional Cirque Le Mans in partnership with La Fonderie  / Le théâtre du Radeau; Le Monfort théâtre.

Production : l’Avant Courrier
Co-production : Le Prato- Théâtre International de Quartier, Pole National des Arts du Cirque- Lille; La Plateforme 2 Poles Cirque en normandie –La Brèche à Cherbourg et Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf; CCN2 Grenoble - Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble - Direction Yoann Bourgeois / Rachid Ouramdane; Le Carré magique -Pole national des arts du cirque en Bretagne; La Verrerie - Pole National Cirque Occitanie; Onyx-Théâtre de Saint Herblain.

Creation :  March 2021 in la Brèche-Pole National Cirque in partnership with Le Trident, Scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin.
Duration : 70 minutes
Skills : Tightrope walking, acrobatics, juggling, clown, live music and singing, dancing.
Seating capacity : < 900 people
Audience : From 10 years on
Touring specificities : Proscenium stage / indoor

Nolwenn MANAC’H
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26 October 2021
27 October 2021
12 November 2021
  • Cry me a river au Carré Magique

    12 November 2021

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