Artists : Tomas Kaulen
Other show :  Ciné Circo

“Circo de A’onde is a journey at the heart of Chilean circus. A circus artist and a musician reveal their daily intimacy, establishing a close and straightforward relationship with the spectators.” El vocero – January 2012.

Circo de A’onde evokes an intimate circus as seen from the inside. In a simple and uncluttered atmosphere, attention to detail and precision seem to be the tacit rules that govern the communal life of a circus artist and a violinist.

The spectator is transported into a poetical world in which everyday life is transformed by little ceremonials and simple objects.

The dialogue is established in counterpoint. The two characters understand each other, the first by using his circus skills and the other by playing his almost obsessive musical routine. Disrupting the scene, seven clock work elephantsturn solemnity into absurdity by transposing the set into a miniature circus.

Their relationship is formed with gestures, exchanged looks and silences, and the fact that it is wordless makes the show a universal experience for all audiences, adults as well as children.

Juggler and acrobat : Tomás Kaulen D.
Musician and composer : Álvaro Pacheco B.
Assistant director : Daniela Bolvarán E.
Costume : Mayra Olivares H.
Set Designer : William Luttgüe / Fabien Leduc
Stage Manager : Carola Sandoval G.
Production and Touring Management in South America : Katiuska Valenzuela C.
Production and Touring Management in Europe : L’Avant Courrier – Nolwenn Manac’h

Production : Circo Pacheco Kaulen y Hnos
Supports : Taller El Litre (Chile) / Consejo de la Cultura y Las Artes (Chile) / Association Galapiat Cirque (France) / Centro Cutural Gabriela Mistral (Chile) / Le Château de Monthelon (France) / Compagnie La Machine (France).

Creation : 2010
Duration : 40 min
Skills : Juggling, object manipulation, music
Seating capacity : 250 people
Audience : From 6 years on
Touring specificities : Proscenium stage / Indoor & Outdoor

Nolwenn MANAC’H
+33 6 76 78 01 19