Artists : La Contrebande
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"Where to start when talking about La Contrebande, a collective of Korean teeterboard? They litteraly enthrall the spectators with their breathtaking show. Majestuous actions, amazing acrobatics, each artist adding their sense of humour to the performance." L’Union, 12 September 2015

Bal Trap, an open-air dance hall with fireworks, a high-precision show using techniques such as throwing and propulsion. Designed as a ballet of sharpened bodies and objects. Catching balls and throwing in rapid succession. Bal Trap, like a game, challenges to take up, dare or not.

Acrobats : Lluna Pi, Simon Cheype, Antoine Cousty, Hugo Moriceau, Jacob Auzanneau, Florian Bessin
Touring manager : Laure Clapies
Production : l’Avant-Courrier
Copyrights : Lara Manipoud and Florian Bessin

Creation : 2015
Duration : 30 min
Skills : Teeterboard, object manipulation, live music
Seating capacity : 800 people
Audience : Unrated
Touring specificities : Theatre in the round or proscenium stage, Big top, Indoor & Outdoor

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+33 6 43 44 28 33