Avant Courrier do’s and don’ts

Working as a production and touring manager is not an easy job, as is the case of many other professions. Many say they do it for lack of anything better which leads to a very high turnover and loss of knowledge and experience… Talking with our colleagues over the years, we have collected dozens of funny anecdotes depicting our daily routine at work, our problems, our ups and downs but also our moments of pride and joy. Our aim was to take a lighthearted approach to it, ourselves and those we work with, in a subtle way, incorporating them in the process when possible, by slightly reversing the roles. Our turn to be on centre stage or rather on the screen.

This is how we came up with the idea of making a guide of do’s and don’ts, a series of short episodes to depict our profession as we experience it because, despite everything, we do love it. A way of letting off steam, a sharing of space and fun. A kind of carnival in fact. To inform about our work and about us, of course.

The episodes will be released according to the seasons:


  • Autumn episode, 21 September: Be recognisable in a crowd (rule #1)
  • Winter episode, 21 December: Be adaptable (rule #2)
  • Spring episode, 21 March: Combine your personal and professional life harmoniously (rule #3)
  • Summer episode, 21 June: Be passionate about the projects you support (rule #4)

Screenwriters and actresses : Elsa Lemoine, Nolwenn Manac’h et Louise-Michèle You
Director, editor, screenwriter : Alex Guillaume
Actor advisor : Pierre Déaux
Voice-over : Fanny Sintès
Coordinator, sound technician and actress : Charlotte Dezès
Subtitles : Hélène Hirsinger

With the participation of : Angèle Besson, Thomas Denier, Elvire Diehl, Etienne Charles, Matthieu Gary, Daphné Gaspari, Marguerite Guéhéneuc, Bérénice Guénée, Adrien Maheux, Laszlo Leduc Manac’h, Michel Lemoine, Jean-Benoît Nison, Sidney Pin, Simon Pons-Rotbardt, Lucile Réguerre, Zelda et Ferdinand Theilmann, Maëlle Triballier, Margaux et Rébecca Vernerey, Anatole Vincent Gaspari, Matthieu Violette, Solen et Elena Violette You, and all the extras of Lieu Unique (Nantes)

A huge thank you to : Fabien Leduc, René Riaud Maire de Sixt-sur-Aff, La Martofacture, Curios Prod, l’atelier d’Aran, our production and touring managers colleagues from Nantes and beyond, Galapiat Cirque department of production and touring management.


  • Autumn episode, 21 September: Be besiness-minded (rule #5)
  • Winter episode, 21 December: Be and remain optimistic (rule #6)
  • Spring episode, 21 March:  (rule #7)
  • Summer episode, 21 June:  (rule #8)

Screenwriters and actresses : Elsa Lemoine, Nolwenn Manac’h, Fanny Pezzutti et Louise-Michèle You
Director, editor, screenwriter : Alex Guillaume
Actor advisor : Victoria Delarozière
Voice-over : Fanny Sintès
Coordinator, sound technician and actress :  Charlotte Dezès et Elvire Diehl
Subtitles : Hélène Hirsinger

With the participation of : Maria-Sophie Boizard, Salvadore Bottinelli Delarozière, Nicolas Cohu, Elise Denier, Maryvonne Denier, Marion Desangle, Fabien Leduc, Mika, Simon Pons-Rotbardt, les équipes artistiques de l'Avant Courrier et autres guest star...

A huge thank you to : L’école Alain Fournier, les élèves de CM2 et leur enseignante Maud Seiller, Jean-Benoît Nison, Curios, L’atelier d’Aran et Mathias Lejosne, Trempolino, L'ONYX

Savoir se faire repérer (règle n°1)

Être adaptable (règle n°2)

Mêler harmonieusement vie privée et professionnelle (règle n°3)

Aimer les projets que l'on défend (règle n°4)

Avoir le sens des affraires (règle n°5)

Etre et rester optimiste (règle n°6)

Avoir un esprit d’invention (règle n°7)

Respecter les codes de la confrérie (règle n°8)