“In a traditional circus, the “avant-courrier” sets up the circus settlement, orders the food, the litter for the animals and puts up the posters. The convoy follows.“

L’Avant Courrier provides back-up in terms of production and touring management for contemporary circus artists, taking into account the diversity of styles and aesthetics, at all levels, local, national and international. The organisation was founded in January 2014 in Nantes (France). Since then, it has promoted a dozen artists/companies, either on a long-term basis (from one project to the other) or shorter periods (consulting and back-up assignments).

L’Avant Courrier perceives itself as a close partner of the artistic teams in the creation and implementation of their productions, taking into consideration their individual needs and concerns. Each collaboration is thus unique.

L’Avant Courrier also carries out vocational training programmes for artists and people acting in the field of production and touring management (both professional training and initial education programmes).

Since 2017, L’Avant Courrier has been developing projects locally, in the   Nantes area (western France), focusing on three themes:
- a circus and street festival Avant Curieux taking place every even-year
- Defining the different aspects for the creation of a place offering artistic residencies
- sociocultural projects revolving around the circus arts

L’Avant Courrier is run collectively by four girls, Lisa HENIN, Nolwenn MANAC’H, Elsa LEMOINE and Louise-Michèle YOU whose wish is to consider production and touring management as a collaborative effort.
Taking the necessary time to integrate these professions in a vaster reflection concerning artistic and cultural policies and democracy.


The Shows

The artists


Driven by our aspiration to consider our coaching role at a global level, in a constant balance between our daily practice and periods of time putting things into perspective, we have been organising vocational training and consulting assignment for people working in the arts since 2017.

Focused on the circus arts, our training programmes are organised with partner organisations. These provide tools for work and reflection, allowing the participants to situate their projects in the context of production and touring.

We adapt and develop these contents in the process of consulting assignment.


Co-organised with art consulting organisation Curios, our festival emanates from the necessity to give visibility to the artists and art forms we promote.

Taking place every even-year in the Nantes area and in collaboration with our partners, L’Avant Curieux festival is suffused by the distinctive style of our respective organisations, the programme being based on our « own » productions and our favorites. And also professional gatherings as well as meetings with the local people.

The Team

+33 6 72 72 67 65
Shows : Attraction Capillaire, Capilotractées, Willy Wolf
Missions : Production, Diffusion

+33 6 07 86 73 65
Shows : Chute!, La grosse aventure, Clinamen Show, Vanité(s)
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Communication, Actions culturelles, Coordination Festival Avant Curieux

Nolwenn MANAC’H
+33 6 76 78 01 19
Shows : Blanc, Ciné Circo, Cry me a river, La Roue de la mort, Marathon
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Formation, Développement

Louise-Michèle YOU
+33 6 17 16 17 40
Shows : Mad in Finland, Bal Trap
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Administration générale