Tomás Kaulen Díaz

is a circus artist. He trained at the Cuban National Circus School (ENA 2000-2001) and taught himself acrobatics, handstands, juggling, object manipulation, contact, mime but also Indian martial arts. Both actor and director, he started investigating everyday life topics and circus life in Primer mal, un artista del trapecio (2005), based on the work of Frank Kafka and Rueda, un viaje entre cuerdas (2008), touring in Chile, the Dominican Republic, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
In 2010, with musician Alvaro Pacheo, they created Pacheco Haulen y Hnos circus company, producing several performances among which Circo de A’onde, a versatile duet the fruit of a first collaboration with l’Avant Courrier.
In 2017, Tomás created Circo Hechizo, a structure combining his research and creative projects including those dealing with the relationship between circus arts and cinema.