Sanja Kosonen,
Tightrope dancer, circus artist

After studying circus arts in Finland (Arts Academy of Turku) and France
(National Center of Circus Arts (CNAC) in Châlons-en-Champagne 2005), Sanja collaborated with several companies as a tightrope dancer. She has been living in Brittany for ten years but she is strongly attached to Finland and returns there regularly to work.
She uses the tightrope as a way of expressing herself. Whilst in balance, she experiments her dance steps, pushing herself further towards the limits of gravity.

Following her collaboration with Finnish company Circo Aereo in Louisiana Circus (2005), she joined the company Les Colporteurs in the productions Le fil sous la neige that toured around the world from 2006 to 2017. She also participated as a performer and choreographer in the creation of two small pieces designed for the outdoor Les
Etoiles (2007) and Sur la route (2009) with Antoine Rigot.
In 2012, Sanja took part with six other Finnish female artists in collective creation Mad In Finland. Originally a one-shot production, it has been touring in auditoriums as well as with Galapiat Cirque’s big top since.

In 2013, she created and performed in Capilotractées, a hair hanging duo with Elice Abonce Muhonen. The production has been touring in France and overseas since. 2016 marked her first collaboration with the National Opera of Finland where she performed as a tightrope dancer in Circ’Opera. It was also her first long-distance crossing on a 100m-long wire, 5 meters above a Lapland river during the Silence Festival.

In 2018, she created Lahde, a highwire solo performance and Attraction Capillaire, a short outdoor production further exploring the art of hair hanging.

After such diversified and rich scenic experiences, Sanja is now ready to develop her own project as a director, something she has aspired to for a long time. Cry me a river will premiere in November 2020.