Pauline Dau

And then I discovered circus, just as physical but more creative than competitive. I enjoyed taking up a career as a circus artist begining my training at the Lido circus school in Toulouse, France. I graduated (without a certificate!) in 2010 and specialised in vertical rope, acrobatics-dance-contortion. From then on, I alternated between theatre and circus productions, as a performer or an authoress (yes, the word does exist, suffice it to say I’m a feminist…).
In 2011, I co-founded the company Jorge et Bérénice, Cirque Vulgaire d’Anticipation and together with my fellow students we created an organisation called Les Amis de Christine.
In 2012, I joined the company Les Colporteurs and their production "Le Bal des Intouchables" and took part in the tour that followed. In early 2014, I participated in the creation of "Oktobre" with the company Oktobre, a laureate of Circus Next 2013. Meanwhile, I began to teach myself hula-hoop for the show "Vanité(s)". I also wanted to make use of its burlesque potential which is inherent to my work along with my taste for interdisciplinarity!
Besides, I perform in the theatre play "Une famille aimante mérite un vrai repas" directed by Thibault Rossigneux, Company Le sens des mots.
Upcoming: "Les Fourberies de Scapin"…