Elice Abonce Muhonen, trapéziste

A trapeze artist, Elice Abonce Muhonen started circus in schools in Lahti - Finland and at Cirkuspiloterna - Sweden where she specialized in trapeze, before studying at the French National Center of Circus Arts (Centre National des Arts du Cirque-CNAC) in 2005.

She is one of the founding artists of the Galapiat Circus company and the collective production Risque ZérO (2008) which was performed over 300 times in France and abroad.

In 2012, she is the initiator of a collective production for six Finnish women, all circus artists. Conceived as a carte blanche, a one-shot performance, Mad In Finland is still touring today, in conventional venues and under big tops. With Sanja Kosonen, they created the show Capilotractées in 2013 renewing the ancient tradition of hair hanging. In 2018, dealing with the same technique, the show Attraction Capillaire was created to go where Circus does not go.

Elice continues her artistic investigations combining circus arts with other art forms such as cinema (long feature drama documentary (Le film professionnel – Made in Finland).