“In a traditional circus, the “avant-courrier” sets up the circus settlement, orders the food, the litter for the animals and puts up the posters. The convoy follows.“

L’Avant Courrier provides back-up in terms of production and touring management for contemporary circus artists, taking into account the diversity of styles and aesthetics, at all levels, local, national and international. The organisation was founded in January 2014 in Nantes (France). Since then, it has promoted a dozen artists/companies, either on a long-term basis (from one project to the other) or shorter periods (consulting and back-up assignments).

L’Avant Courrier perceives itself as a close partner of the artistic teams in the creation and implementation of their productions, taking into consideration their individual needs and concerns. Each collaboration is thus unique.

L’Avant Courrier also carries out vocational training programmes for artists and people acting in the field of production and touring management (both professional training and initial education programmes).

Since 2017, L’Avant Courrier has been developing projects locally, in the   Nantes area (western France), focusing on three themes:
– a circus and street festival Avant Curieux taking place every even-year
– Defining the different aspects for the creation of a place offering artistic residencies
– sociocultural projects revolving around the circus arts

L’Avant Courrier is run collectively by five girls, Lisa HENIN, Anne HEUVELINE, Elsa LEMOINE, Nolwenn MANAC’H, and Louise-Michèle YOU whose wish is to consider production and touring management as a collaborative effort.
Taking the necessary time to integrate these professions in a vaster reflection concerning artistic and cultural policies and democracy.