Artists : Galapiat Cirque
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“With the rage of a boxer and the stamina of a long-distance runner, Sébastien Wojdan embarks the spectator on the razor’s edge, in a show of drawn daggers. Marathon, the aptly named, superb universe of punk poetry distilled in a Circus ambiance.” 

Hervé Queille – Le Télégramme –  2 april 2013

Marathon is a circus solo, a challenge that consists in performing alone in the ring.
Running as a metaphor nurtures a need for solitude through extreme physical activity and repetitive action.
The tenacity of a man to overcome an exhausted body pushed to its utmost li- mits. Body temperature rises, the heart beat accelerates, hands start shaking. Panting for breath, fear and distress be- come manifest.
By dwelling on our childish heroic en- thusiasms, Marathon puts to the test the mutation of our dreams.

« As each new presentation of skill comes, one after another in never-ending succession, I think on the passage of time, and the series of ridiculousnesses that makes up a life.  Marathon is a sophisticated circus that doesn’t lose it’s accessible crowd-pleasing heart for a second. » 

The Circus Diaries de Katharine Kavanagh – 24 October 2014


Writer, performer : Sébastien Wojdan
Insight : Gilles Cailleau
Artistic collaboration : Guillaume Sauzay
Lighting design : Pierrot Usureau
Lighting and Props : Pierrot Usureau or Loïc Chauloux
Sound and Props : Mickaël Remigereau or Franck Beaumard
Construction : Benjamin Bottinelli Hahn and Luc Mainaud
Office Management : Galapiat Cirque – Yvain Lemattre
Production and Touring Management : L’Avant Courrier – Nolwenn Manac’h

Production : Galapiat Cirque.
Co-production : Carré Magique Lannion Trégor, Pôle national des arts du cirque en Bretagne / Le Grand Pré, Scène de Territoire / Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Le Fourneau
Supports : Espace Périphérique, Ville de Paris – Parc de la Villette / Le Trio Théâtre / Cirk Eole / Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar – Languedoc Roussillon / Le P’tit Cirk / Cirque Melem / Compagnie des Demoiselles / le Théâtre de la Folle Pensée

Creation : 2013
Duration : 80 min
Circus skill : Juggling, knife throwing, slack wire, music
Seating capacity : 160 people
Audience type : From 6 years on
Touring specificities : Theatre in the round (we provide for our tribune and structure) / Indoor & Outdoor

Nolwenn MANAC’H
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