Artists : Tomas Kaulen, Circo Hechizo (Chili)
Other show : Circo de A'Onde

Cine Circo challenges the memory of a digitalising world, reviving the historical analogies between circus and film through an eccentric character, now an usher, then a popcorn seller and a projectionist, a mite clumsy and slightly disorganised. Plus a projector, a real one, a 16mm. An almost magical device inviting us to follow the evolution of cinema, constructing and deconstructing images. Tomas Kaulen rejuvenates the early stage of cinema, refering to emblematic film directors who have common forebears with clowns (Chaplin, Keaton…).

Author and performer : Tomás Kaulen Diaz
Direction : Daniela Bolvarán E.
Production management : Hector Calderón
Set design : Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres
Costumes : Mayra Olivares – Taller el Litre
Building : William Luttgue – Taller el Litre
Dramaturgy collaborator : Ana Harcha
Cinema advisor  : Nelson Vargas
Sound effects advisor : Pablo Obreque
Composer : Sergio Gutiérrez
Production : Lorena Ojeda – Minga Producciones
Touring Management Europe : Nolwenn Manac’h – l’Avant Courrier

Production : Circo Hechizo
Supports : Taller El Litre, Consejo de la Cultura y Las Artes,

Currently looking for partners and in-residencies.

Creation :  May 2020
Duration : 60 min
Skills : Juggling, manipulation of objects, screening
Seating capacity : 200 people
Audience : From 5 years on
Touring specificities : Indoor proscenium stage/ on-site/ yurt – small big top

Nolwenn MANAC’H
+33 6 76 78 01 19

Teaser Cine Circo

Presentation of Cine Circo by Tomas Kaulen (sous-titre FR)

© Nelson Vargas