CHUTE ! -Atelier du chuteur-

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chute !

Chute! is a performance of regressive anticipation that grapples with the process of falling. Attempting a spectacular dialogue, two acrobats of the same size, weight, and age formulate interrogations:
How is he prepared to withstand gravity? When he jumps in the air, does the acrobat dream of flying or falling?
What sort of relationship does he have with death? With life? With risk-taking? With fear of heights?
In keeping with the philosophy of the artistic collective Porte27, stimulating encounters is at the centre of the proposition. Chute! is an intimate, uncluttered and playful performance.

CHUTE! Short version 
This is a dynamic performance with an academic objective and a smooth narration, an invitation to reflect on the profession of an acrobat.
The show was designed to be performed in many different contexts, both indoors and outdoors. The project is technically self-sufficient. We will only ask you to provide tatami mats, chairs and power supply. We need a minimum surface area of 8m long and 6m wide (playing area + seating). Chairs are placed all around the mats. Seating capacity: 40 to 100.

The show can be performed in auditoriums and big tops, in communal halls or classrooms, in meeting and conference rooms, in playgrounds, libraries, hospitals or parks etc.

The show is the continuation of our activities within the Collective Porte27.
Producing a show:
For whom? We aspire to a close relationship with the spectators and question our relationship with them.
How? We examine the time frame and mechanism of a performance by encouraging encounters and adressing the audience directly.

Theatre in the round with seating on four sides. Stage dimensions 6m x 4m. We place chairs or a tribune around it.
Being close to the spectators allows the artists to have a privileged relationship with them. Closeup viewing, the sensation of proximity, talking without voice effects, feeling the movements of air that are generated by the acrobat, these are some of the many different sensations that nourish our imagination.

An original idea by Matthieu Gary
Acrobats and performers: Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin
Artistic insight: Marc Vittecoq
Lighting design: Clément Bonnin
Office Management: Anne Delepine
Production: Porte27
Touring Management: Elsa Lemoine / L’Avant Courrier
Acknowledgements: Thomas Laigle, Pauline Dau, Lawrence Williams, Fanny Sintès and Marion Collé
Photo copyright: Vasil Tasevski

Production Porte27
Co-production: Le Théâtre de la Madeleine – Scène conventionnée (National Theatre) de Troyes, Le Manège de Reims – Scène nationale.
Supports: and residencies Le Nouveau Relax – Scène conventionnée de Chaumont, Balthazar – Centre des arts du cirque de Montpellier, Le Manège de Reims – Scène nationale, Le Montort – Paris, Cirque en Scène – Centre des arts du cirque de Niort, L’Echalier – Agence rurale de développement culturel de Saint Agil, Cirk’Eole – Montigny les Metz.
The Collective Porte27 is an associate artist of the Théâtre de la Madeleine – Scène conventionnée de Troyes.
It is financially supported by the Région Champagne-Ardenne and the (regional Counsel) Conseil Départemental de la Marne

Creation Septembre 2015
Duration 30 min
Circus skill
floor acrobatics, acrobatics feats
Seating capacity
40 to 80 people
Audience type
From 8 years on
Touring specificities
The spectators are seated on four sides around the playing area. Area 4x6m

Contact :
+ 33 (0)6 07 86 73 65