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Other shows : De Bonnes raisons de mourir

What does the acrobat tell us? What does he tell us as he plunges?
This is a humorous attempt to decipher our sensations when we fall.
Chute! refocuses on the earthbound acrobat, he who when he plunges, is frightened yet experiences pleasure. Revealing what happens behind the scene and the realities of the profession of an acrobat, the emotions, the desire to fly, and to plunge.
It is an attempt to comprehend what keeps us erect. We will ask ourselves what pleasure we take from falling. Why do we laugh when someone falls? What sort of relationship does the plunging acrobat have with risk-taking? with death? With life?
We will examine the vertical and ascending representations of our society (of progress?). We will look closely at the way we organise ourselves, without relapse, in the struggle against gravity. We will scrutinise the plunging acrobat in order to understand why he generates so much fascination as well as fear. What is it that makes him human, so terribly human?

Authors and performers : Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin
Production management : Julien Lefeuvre
Artistic insight : Marc Vittecoq
Lighting design : Clément Bonnin
Office Management : Valéria Vukadin
Touring Management : l’Avant Courrier - Elsa Lemoine
Acknowledgements : Thomas Laigle, Pauline Dau, Fanny Sintès, Lawrence Williams and Marion Collé
Photo copyright : Vasil Tasevski
Graphic design : Suzanne Sëbo

Production : Porte27
Co-production : Le Théâtre de la Madeleine - Scène conventionnée de Troyes, Espace
Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette)
Supports and residencies : Le Nouveau Relax - Scène conventionnée de Chaumont, Balthazar - Centre des arts du cirque de Montpellier, Le Manège de Reims - Scène nationale, Le Montfort - Paris, Cirque en Scène - Centre des arts du cirque de Niort, L’Echalier - Agence rurale de développement culturel de Saint Agil, Cirk’Eole – Montigny les Metz

Creation : 2016
Duration : 52 min
Circus skill : Ground acrobatics, acro balancing
Seating capacity : 170 people
Audience type : From 8 years on
Touring specificities : The spectators are seated on four sides, playing area 4x6m

+ 33 (0)6 07 86 73 65

Nothing from 13 August 2022 to 13 August 2023.