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Pierre Déaux and Mika Kaski have been friends since they studied together at the French National Center of Circus Arts (Centre National des Arts du Cirque-CNAC) from which they graduated in 2006. They have worked together several times, in particular in Toto Lacaille, a production achieving the studies of CNAC’s 17th promotion (Big Top Tour in 2006), and in the show Raté-Rattrapé-Raté by Nikolaus, from 2007 to 2009.
Le Grain is their first creation as a duo. They collaborated in the writing with Stéphane Brouleaux, a director and comedian.

In Pierre Déaux’s work, theatre and circus are intimately bound together. As a graduate in both theatre and circus arts (French National Drama Academy and CNAC), he cross-examines theatre and circus to better reveal each of them. In the theatre field, he performed in Tchekhov’s Cherry Orchard directed by Y.J. Collin (2005). In 2012, Pierre was asked to participate as an artistic collaborator in the collective Jakart Mugiscué’s new production Les Autonautes de la cosmoroute (Théâtre National de la Colline, April 2012). He works on the 2014 production of Groupe Merci.
Pierre is often asked to give his artistic know-how, as an outside eye or as a director : Miettes by Rémi Luchez; Face Nord by the company Un loup pour l’homme; in a show by the students completing their degree at the Academy of circus and performance arts in Tilburg (The Netherlands); Un soir chez Boris by Olivier Debelhoir; Boi by Jonas Seradin (Galapiat cirque).

Finnish, Mika Kaski studied clown and trapeze with a partner and specialized in handstands, on sticks in particular.
After graduating as a teacher from the Academy of circus arts in Turku (Finland), he resumed his studies at the CNAC where he met Pierre Déaux.
He participated in several productions such as Cabaret (François Verret, 2008), Qu’après en être revenu (Jean-Baptiste André, 2010) or Plage Ultime (Séverine Chavrier, 2012, Avignon Festival), and collaborates with the companies Circo Aereo and Quo Vadis among other experiences, both in France and in Finland.
In 2013-2014, he participates in the production Château Descartes by Lucho Smit (Galapiat cirque).
Mika also works as a teacher mainly in Finland and participates in high impact projects such as Zip-Zap circus school, in South Africa, or Clowns Without Borders.