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Pacheco Kaulen y Hnos was founded in 2009 with the production of the show Circo de A’onde. The company’s artistic research relies upon the fusion between circus arts and music leading to unconventional productions.

The company has benefited from the support of the Chilean Council for Culture for itinerant, research or creative projects.

Tomás Kaulen Díaz is a circus artist. He trained at the Cuban National Circus School (ENA 2000-2001) and taught himself acrobatics, handstands, juggling, object manipulation, mime but also Indian martial arts. Both actor and director, he started investigating everyday life topics and circus life in Primer mal, un artista del trapecio (2005) and Rueda, un viaje entre cuerdas (2008), touring in Chile, the Dominican Republic, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Álvaro Pacheco Bascuñán is a composer and a multi-instrumentalist. He studied violin, piano and harmony concomitantly with music theory at the Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba (ISA 2001-2003) and composition at the Chilean University (2004-2012). He participated in several theatre plays as a musician (Company La Rata from 2000 to 2004), as an actor (Company Kabeza de Zebra from 2007 to 2009) and as a technician. He composes and plays for Tarabust, an improvised music ensemble. He is regularly asked to compose music for dance or theatre.

Carola Sandoval Goubet is a comedian, costume and set designer. After an art degree (specialization in set design) at the University of Chile, she works for several street theatre companies (Dama Brava, Teatro Mendicantes and Patriotico Interessante). She joins Circo Pacheco Kaulen y Hnos in 2011, first as a technician, then as a comedian and set designer. At the same time, she keeps on developing collaborations with several other companies and works as a muralist with the Brigade Negotropica. In this respect, she is regularly asked to lead workshops for children.