«In a traditional circus, the “avant-courrier” sets up the circus settlement, orders the food, the litter for the animals and puts up the posters. The convoy follows.»

L’Avant Courrier is an organisation that was founded in January 2014. Its purpose is to provide back-up in terms of production and touring management for contemporary circus shows, taking into account the diversity of styles and aesthetics, at all levels, local, national and international.

L’Avant Courrier perceives itself as a close partner of the artistic teams in the creation and implementation of their productions, taking into consideration their individual needs and concerns. Each collaboration is thus unique.

The choice of a separate structure to that of the artists allows pooling of tools, know-how and networks. Backing up the artistic teams is also a way of opening new perspectives and taking a global view necessary in the daily management of a company.

Behind the scenes of L’Avant Courrier, Nolwenn MANAC’H, Louise-Michèle YOU, Fanny PEZZUTTI and Elsa LEMOINE, four girls whose wish is to consider production and touring management as a collaborative effort.

Taking the necessary time to integrate these professions in a vaster reflection of artistic and cultural policies.




Within the Avant Courrier we like to imagine the job of accompaniment in the broad sense, in constant back and forth between our daily practice of production-diffusion-administration and the time of taking back that we find through the formations or animation / participation in groups of professionals.


After several seasons on tour, we quickly felt the need to carry out projects related to the territory on which we live. Not to become an "off-ground" structure but to imagine a dialogue between circus artists and the inhabitants of the Nantes agglomeration, in close collaboration with the cultural, political and social actors of the territory. 2017 is a landmark year for us since we were able to ask:
- The basics of a reflection for the creation of a place of residence and work adapted for the circus arts
- The beginnings of the festival "L'Avant Curieux", co-organized with Curios, with a zero edition.
- Partnerships for the implementation of cultural actions


Nolwenn MANAC’H
+33 6 76 78 01 19
Shows : Circo de A’onde, Capilotractées, Marathon, Blanc
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Conseils aux compagnies


Louise-Michèle YOU
+33 6 17 16 17 40
Shows : Mad in Finland, Bal Trap
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Administration générale

+33 7 81 41 07 40
Shows : Vanité(s), Willy Wolf
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Formations

+33 6 07 86 73 65
Shows : Effet Bekkrell, Titre Indéfini, Chute!
Missions : Production, Diffusion, Communication, Actions culturelles