THE PRETTY CURIOUS, festival circus and street, edition zer0
November 22nd and 23rd – 4:30 pm> midnight
At Karting, Solilab and Pol’n – Nantes

Once upon a time in the west of Nantes, there were two artists’ support organizations of about the same age, for street arts (Curios) and circus (Avant Courrier), which shared offices. They realized, while discussing at the coffee break, that they had many questions and problems in common … As well as a desire, initially fuzzy then more and more insistent to present their “house nuggets” and their favorites, street and circus, to the public and professionals of the region. The need also to live a festive moment, get together, get out of the office, and build links with the territory that we sometimes go to when we go on tour too often.
In the end, create a festival.

The Avant Curieux, Zero edition, is a prefiguration. Prefiguration of what could be our festival, street and circus, circus and street in the heart of the autumn and the Pays de la Loire region.
This year we put “our productions” in the spotlight, that is to say a part of the artists we accompany on a daily basis and in their professional career. We hope you enjoy it. And we will come back, more crazy, in 2018 !

The rolled out (identical on both days):
16h30 > 17h45 at the Karting
« The artists’ snack »
Discussions about their next creations : Groupe Fluo, La Contrebande, Sanja Kosonen, Sébastien Wojdan – Galapiat Cirque 

18h > 18h30 at the Solilab
Bal Trap / Cie La Contrebande
Bascule / 30 min
Bal Trap, like a Trad Ball of guinguette with fireworks, a show of precision, based on thrown and propulsion. Thought like a ballet of bodies and sharp objects. Rattrape of bullets and projections in bursts. Bal Trap, a game, challenges, cape or not cap.

Continuous from 6:30 pm to midnight at POL’N
Les Petites choses / Cie La Mine et Slow Park
Laboratoire culturel et poétique / entresort
Momette presents poetic entresorts, impromptus musical, little table prowess, animated images wandering … She will be accompanied by David Gervais, shepherd of snails, came with some rides from Slow Park.
More about the show

19h30 > 20h at POL’N
T.R.E.S.E.D / Groupe Fluo
Balade dans les déséquilibres de la chute / 25 min
A board placed vertically stands like a double. In this “face-to-face”, the rule is simple: it must remain standing, it is then a question of retaining the fall.
T.R.E.S.E.D explores the point of fall to question his own verticality. A sculptural choreography made of fragile balances oscillating between strength and lightness, grace and tension.

21h > 22h at POL’N
Vanité(s) / Pauline Dau
One-woman-circus-show / 55 min
It is a woman who seeks, who plays all the characters of her portrait gallery to understand what makes us / builds / conditions and what are we products?
It is a circus experimentation, an existential questioning and derision on our condition: what remains … if, of all that, one frees oneself?

In the evening, screenings of an excerpt of the “Professional Film Made in Finland” (15 min) in the presence of the director and circus artist Elice Abonce Muhonen (Galapiat Circus) and broadcast of “Words of Circus” by Jean-Christophe HERVEET.
For their precious help, thank you very much to POL’N, Solilab, Pays de la Loire Regional Theater, Pierrot Usureau, Brice Marchais, Jean-Christophe Herveet, Manu Facto for the decoration and all those who support us.

Practical information :
Bar and restaurant on site
Free admission
Download the program here

Karting : 6 rue Saint-Domingue 44 200 Nantes
Solilab : 8 rue Saint-Domingue 44 200 Nantes
Pol’n : 11 rue des Olivettes 44 000 Nantes

07 81 41 07 40
avantcourrier.fr // curiosproduction.com