The story begins a Friday night in the French countryside; Simon Cheype, Antoine Cousty and Hugo Moriceau (lawn jugglers) share a common vision and grow up together in the street arts, with the company les Enfants Terribles.

They move on to the Center of Circus Arts, Balthazar in Montpellier (via the Millau Viaduct) where they are introduced to acrobatics and new acolytes: Jacob Auzanneau, a star of the French region Gers, a tumbler of the Pop Circus school in Auch, and Florian Bessin, a young student in architecture and a thrill seeker. Together, they discover the Korean teeterboard and begin to work as a group. They move on to the capital and study at the French shool of circus arts in Rosny sous Bois (ENACR). There, they succumb to the charm of a young Catalan prodigy, a star of the Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona: Lluna Pi, the daughter of Victor Pi.

The group is henceforth wholemeal.

Alongside their studies, they create their own company La Contrebande and produce several shows: La coche cavale (2012), œuf dur et demi molle (2013), pic nic (2014). They go on with their studies, Jacob at the école supérieure d’art dramatique (ESAD) and the others at the French center of circus arts in Chalons en Champagne (CNAC).

In their last year of studies, the members of La Contrebande work on a personal project: Bal Trap. Initially, the show was produced as part of their training at the CNAC and was performed at the échappées, a presentation of the works of the students. This 30-minute show was performed at several festivals (Tant qu’il y aura des Mouettes, Furies, Solstice in Antony…) and there are plans to tour in 2016 and 2017 parallel to residencies for the set up of a new production in October 2017.

Simon Cheype

Antoine Cousty

Hugo Moriceau

Jacob Auzanneau

Florian Bessin

Lluna Pi