The company Galapiat Cirque was born in 2006 in the corridors of Châlons-en-Champagne at the National Center of Circus Arts. Association born from the meeting of 4 then 5, then 6 circus artists : Sébastien Armengol, Jonas Séradin, Lucho Smit, Sébastien Wojdan, Moïse Bernier and Elice Abonce Muhonen.

Sébastien Armengol

Jonas Séradin

Lucho Smit

Sébastien Wojdan

Moïse Bernier

Elice Abonce Muhonen
After passing through Lahti circus schools in Finland, and Circuspiloterna in Sweden, Elice continues her training at the National Circus Arts Center in Chalons en Champagne. In 2008 she founded with 5 other artists Compagnie Galapiat and the show "Zero Risk. With Sanja Kosonen, she created in 2013 "Capilotractées", a duo of suspension by the hair.

We accompany in diffusion three shows of Galapiat Cirque:

Capilotractées by Elice Abonce Muhonen and Sanja Kosonen

Mad in Finland by Collectif MADin which are Elice Abonce Muhonen and Sanja Kosonen

Marathon by Sébastien Wojdan

And a show in production :

Blanc by Sébastien Wojdan