At l’Avant Courrier, we are driven by our aspiration to consider our coaching role at a global level, in a constant balance between our daily practice as office managers, production and touring managers and periods of time putting things into perspective by organising vocational training, leading and participating in professional networks.


Galapiat Cirque

Since its creation, l’Avant Courier has been coordinating the production and touring management department of Galapiat Cirque which has become a General interest cooperative (SCIC).

Our role consists in presiding over a group composed of 5 to 6 production and touring managers in collaboration with the other members of Galapiat Cirque’s administrative staff. Coordinating working methods and devices that we use on a daily basis (database, contract and negociation documents, etc.) in order to develop as a collective despite the fact that the members live far away from each other and have to deal with a great variety of projects. In this regard, we join Galapiat Cirque’s weekly meetings as well as the SIC’s general assemblies to which l’Avant Courrier is associated.

La Nantaise de diffusion

In 2014, l’Avant Courrier has contributed to the creation of an informal network of production and touring managers in the Nantes area. A local emanation of C1métier network, la nantaise de diffusion meets once a month for a themed breakfast during which its members share working devices and methods, meet with venue programmers…


Being regularly approached by young artists working on their first production who cannot afford hiring a professional to help them deal with the administrative aspects of their project, we have conceived a specifically dedicated training session “How to promote an artistic project: the basics of production and touring management”.

We also work with future and young professionals and managers of the artistic field delivering units on circus production touring, introductory courses for university master students and specialised courses for continuing education trainees. These training sessions are organised in collaboration with partners acting in the field of circus arts (Cité du Cirque in Le Mans, Espace périphérique in Paris, ENACR, Baltic Nordic Circus Network, Circus info Finland) or with universities (Université de St Quentin en Yvelines).


In 2016-2017, we carried out a tutorage experimentation with Océane Pelpel and Sébastien Davis Van Gelder in connection with the creation of a duo called Marcel.le et Claude. Our mission consisted in defining a general strategy and providing devices enabling them to manage the process of production and touring. This led to the creation of a toolbox composed of a dozen practical guides used for vocational training purposes as well as individual counselling.

The assessment at the end of the tutorage experimentation was successful on the whole, the artists pointing out the utility of considering production and touring as a whole and not only on the artistic level. The tutorage had granted them a greater independence and a more legitimate positioning. As a group, we asked ourselves how to keep the dynamic going once the experimentation finished. As a result, together with the artists we decided to keep meeting regularly in order to review the situation and set new objectives. Nevertheless, it is the artists themselves who involve in the daily process of production and touring management.

Drawing on our experience, we believe it could be interesting to provide short-term assignment consultancy to artists and companies; in the form of tutorage or production and touring management assignments to compensate an increase in activity or a constant lack of staff.

Past and current collaborations: Attention Fragile (assignment consultancy in terms of production of Le Nouveau Monde), Cie Allégorie (assignment consultancy in terms of touring management for Dispersion), Groupe Bekkrell (tutorage for Marcel.le et Claude)